Amidst the “Marriage Equality” debate…

As it my first post, I will post something that I have written and posted on a social networking site. It regarding a controversial issue: the same-sex marriage debate. A disclaimer: I hold to the Bible’s definition of the institution of marriage (one man + one woman for one lifetime). I find troubling the slogan of those who are supporting same-sex marriage: “marriage equality.” Here is why:

“Americans in support of same-sex marriage are using the term “marriage equality.” This is an interesting term. Why? First, it will be same-sex marriage BUT then (maybe in the near future) the polygamist says “what about polygamy and having multiple spouses? why am I being discriminated against?,” they say. Ah, then those would suggest more “marriage equality.” can I marry anyone and/or any thing? Can a man or woman marry an animal, like a pet i.e a horse or dog, if they are REALLY in love with the animal (since animals have rights and love seems to be the codeword to make everything okay)? The progressive movement says “who can tell who to love?” Marriage equality? What about the 15 or 16 year olds in high school who say “I want to marry my girlfriend/boyfriend,” Why should they be discriminated against due their age, regardless of minority status. As human beings they have rights too. Where does “marriage equality” END exactly? At what point to you satisfy one group of people through an expansion of the definition of marriage and yet stop the expansion before it reaches to another level such as polygamy? Once you start pushing over a domino in a chain of linked dominoes (the grounds of “marriage equality”), they all fall. Once you move beyond the biblical definition of marriage, you open the whole barrel of endorsing godless relationships between humans and even beast. I would guess the progressives would say “You are taking it to the extreme.” My question of response is “do you honestly think ‘marriage equality’ will just stop with same-sex marriage and not progress any further?” Americans will continue to put on their rose-colored glasses and ignore the future consequences of expanding the marriage definition to the point where marriage will no longer hold any real significance in this society because anyone, anything will be able to partake of it by the time society is done “progressing”. Many may read this and think this is ludicrous but all of the aforementioned situations (polygamy, minority marriages, bestiality) have and are taking place around the world in other cultures, with no regard to the institution of marriage, and if we open one door then all others will fly open, over time, as well. Thanks for reading.”


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