Friends’ Theology: Saddening and Scary

It is saddening and at the same time scary to read some of my friends’ liberal theological views. Praying for those guys & those they serve. When one compromises the Gospel and the teachings of Scripture to make it more palatable to society, they reveal they fear men more than God. Such compromise either begins with a low view of God & His absolute holiness or a low view of the Bible, it’s sufficiency, authority & infallibility. Which then leads to an array of problems beginning with an inconsistent hermeneutic of Scripture…

Man-centered hermeneutics, theologies and philosophies were the starting point for much liberalism in the 18th and 19th centuries, such is the case for Friedrich Schleiermarcher (19th C. German theologian known as the “Father of liberal theology”). His focus was on neither logic nor doctrine but on the feelings of man. This lead to a denial of a literal 6 day creation, redefining sin, and denial of the significance of the resurrection of Christ. Schleiermarcher also suggested that the divine attributes of God (His omnipotence, omniscience and moral perfection) are not ways to describe His being but that they are ways to describe our experience of God’s action. Ultimately, any theology centered on man and not on Christ is a result of deviation from Scripture. Accommodating current cultural trends while at the same time trying to produce biblical theology is the initiating of a theological train wreck. Sadly, some people I know, particularly young men, have embraced this sort of thought. A wise word: you cannot make the Bible conform to your own personal agenda without causing inconsistencies and contradictions in the Bible itself. We are to conform our lives, culture, and the broader society to the Bible.


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