the Church and the Stage

There is a difference between the church and the stage. I read something from Chris Rosebrough of Pirate Christian Radio and he said he was going to call for the “separation of the church and stage.” Many churches don’t distinguish the two and that’s the problem. Church has become a place of entertainment. A church is a fellowship of people where God is corporately worshiped. A stage is a platform and/or background for acting and performance. The difference lies that the platform inside the place of worship is NOT for acting or performing; it’s for worship and Christ-centered preaching which is also worship (too often the church makes a dichotomy of the two). This is not just an epidemic in “megachurches,” it is an epidemic in many “regular” churches. People want to get up and lead worship/sing/play instruments, and preach/teach all for the glory of self– “so I can be seen doing….” I would much rather have someone leading worship or leading some other ministry who maybe isn’t “the” best at what they are doing but they love Jesus Christ and desire for Him to be exalted than have some performer lead that ministry better than anyone and do it for the glory of self. Matt Chandler, in a sermon, said “If you are more interested in being up on stage than shepherding people, I would be very nervous if I were you.” He is saying that leading worship so can Christ and Christ alone will be exalted is not a light matter to God. I agree. The church is not a place for “performance.” Save it for the stage elsewhere where it can be and is focused on you. The (physical) church (building) is a place for worship. And the church’s focus has to be on Jesus Christ. Once it stops focusing on Christ, it stops being a church.


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