A Perspective of the “Light in the Heavens”

“Naturalistic science has always struggled to explain all the stars and planets that exist in the universe. How could so much have evolved out of nothing? How did stars get scattered across such a vast expanse of space? Why is there such diversity among them? What set the stars ablaze, and where did the planets come from?

Genesis 1 gives a simple answer: God made them all. He spoke them into existence. Their vastness, their complexity, their beauty, and their sheer number all reveal the glory and the wisdom of an all-powerful Creator. And they remind us how amazing it is that such a great Creator would lavish His grace and favor on the human race. After all, from the perspective of size, our whole world constitutes only an infinitesimal speck in the vastness of all He created.”

John MacArthur, The Battle for the Beginning: Creation, Evolution and the Bible.


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