The Lord of All Was Subjected to Ignominy

Dan Brown, the author of The Da Vinci Code, said that Jesus was not God, and that no church father or assembly affirmed Christ’s deity before the Council of Nicea of AD 325. This, however, is not true. In AD 180, early church father Melito of Sardis had this to say in regards to Christ being God:

“He that hung up the earth in space was Himself hanged up; He that fixed the heavens was fixed with nails; He that bore up the earth was born up on a tree; The Lord of all was subjected to ignominy in a naked body- God put to death!… In order that He might not be seen, the luminaries turned away, and the day became darkened- because they slew God, who hung naked on the tree… This is He who made the heaven and the earth, and in the beginning, together with the Father, fashioned man; who was announced by means of the law and the prophets; who put on a bodily form in the Virgin; who was hanged upon the tree; who was buried in the earth, and ascended to the height of heaven, and sitteth on the right hand of the Father.”

– Melito of Sardis (AD 180), 5. ANF, VIII:757.


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