A Bankrupt Worldview: Atheism

In the atheist worldview, a person cannot be held accountable for murder or rape because they are simply responding to biochemical impulses. It is just by accident or mere chance those who do such vile acts have a neuro-biological imbalance they cannot control because, once again, we are but a clump of cells. We are overgrown bacteria with no objective standard of morality. The atheist worldview is bankrupt of justifying logic, morality, our own existence. I’m not saying atheists do not know right from wrong. I believe they do because they have a conscience given to them by God, the same God that they really know exists but fight so hard to ignore. I’m saying atheists cannot justify morality. The only reason atheists can say murder is bad is because they know God is real (Rom. 1:18-23), and has given humanity a moral compass in the Ten Commandments, which states “Thou Shalt Not Murder.” That is an objective standard of morality. The atheist won’t admit that because of innate rebellion. Rebellion: just as when a parent tells their child NOT to do something and the child does it anyway, Adam disobeyed God in the same manner… And we do it still today. In denying God and an objective standard of morality, one cannot say: rape and murder is wrong because, to the naturalist, such laws are relative. What may be considered vile in the Western world can, perhaps, be accepted in other cultures elsewhere. The person who does not acknowledge a divine being and therein denies the existence of an objective, universal moral standard, cannot make absolute claims “terror attacks killing thousands are wrong” or “serving the community is good” for they would have to qualify these terms, which would be difficult seeing that there is no basis for such, and of course, they could only apply to themselves seeing that such morality is subjective…. No justification; just opinions. A worldview bankrupt of purpose, and justifying morality. No right or wrong; just preferences.


One thought on “A Bankrupt Worldview: Atheism

  1. Very well put! Even the statement ‘there are no absolutes’ is an absolute statement. It’s funny how Christians are viewed as sentimental and foolishly gullible when the belief that God doesn’t exist is the one with so many gaps in reason and logic. Thanks for sharing this post!

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