The Recovery

Yes, it is true. I am a recovering atheist. Kirk Cameron came out and confessed to his problem with atheism. I, too, must come clean and say: I was an atheist. Much to my past dismay, God DOES exist. I simply could not ignore my problem. I had an inconsistent worldview which afforded me no justification for the creation of the universe, logic, and morality, among other issues. It has been such a battle. I acknowledged my problem several years ago. I heard the gospel and realized I simply could not ignore it anymore: God is real, Jesus is the Savior of sinful people, and I hated Him (subconsciously of course, if it was conscious then by acknowledging God’s existence, one cannot be consistently an atheist), to the point where I would try to block out or suppress that truth by my sinfulness (Rom. 1:18-23). I was a rebel WITH a cause, and my cause was to run from God; to flee His judgment and His rule. I wanted to hide from Him, closing my eyes and hoping the lights were really off when they weren’t. Here is an interesting statistic: one out of every one people die! 1 out of 1. 100% of people cease to physically be. Death is inevitable. Judgment Day and justice will be served to all people. God is the Judge, and you will stand in His courtroom. The only chance we have to avoid an everlasting condemning sentence is to repent and believe in Jesus Christ and the work He accomplished on the cross because on that cross, Jesus paid my debt, He took upon Himself my death sentence, and I can stand reconciled unto God through faith in Jesus. All have fallen short; either you have lied, lusted after someone, murdered (anger in the heart), stolen, or blasphemed (only to name a few). Any one of those disqualifies you from keeping God’s Law and chances are you, like myself, have broken multiple Commandments and often. Jesus is the ONLY atonement for sin. He lived a perfect life, meeting God’s standard of righteousness: perfection. He died and three days later He rose from the grave, victorious over sin, hell, death, and Satan. You are not perfect. I certainly am not, but I don’t have to be. By grace and through faith in Jesus Christ, I have been put in right standing before the God of the universe. Jesus has promised to return to quicken the dead, judge, and establish His heavenly rule on a new creation for all eternity. Are you ready? Are you a recovering atheist like myself who has seen the truth of Christ and placed faith in Him? Or are you still suffering from rebellion and hard-heartedness, and due this, on the day of Judgment, you will stand guilty, with no case to plea?

Hi. My name is Dustin Wallace, and I am a recovering atheist.


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