New Additions for a New Year

This year I want to start providing commentary on stories and events that are both more so popular (in the news) and those less popular (undercovered by major news networks) from a Christian worldview. I had asked for opinions about the matter in a previous post and had gotten some positive feedback in e-mails and comments. I can do this in a few ways: 1) I can simply press articles onto my feed, which may be desirable for some and an annoyance for others; 2) I can simply pick and choose stories and place those links in one post per day, or something like that, which would, in part, create a little hub for news; or 3) I can simply pick and choose stories and write when I see fit. I appreciate any and all feedback as I consider these options. [ I also want to make you aware that I retweet and post links of news and stories that I find interesting or important, meaning that you can keep up with my twitter feed on the right-hand side of the page for articles or follow me on Twitter (@DustinWallace_). 

I want to say “thank you” for following and reading my blog. I am grateful to you all who take their time and do so. I hope 2014 is a year in which we will glorify the Lord in all we say and do. All glory and honor to Him.


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