America and Rome: Parallel of Decline and Fall

The rise, decline and eventual fall of Rome is a historic marvel. The rapid growth and the power Rome attained is unparalleled. However, the United States of America also has become an unparalleled modern superpower, economically and militarily, in rapid fashion. Both, Rome and the United States’ growth and world dominance is reason for exultation. However, the sobering reality comes when one compares the decline of Rome and the current state of the United States, which is a subject that many would rather avoid think about. 

I had researched this information for a church history course, and I was struck at how similar America resembles the Roman Empire, in both infrastructure and in global presence.

Causes for the fall of Rome: Determine for yourself if there is any resemblance to present-day United States. 

Edward Gibbon in his classic The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire gives some basic reasons for the fall of Rome:

(1) undermining of the sanctity of the home; (2) the rapid increase in divorce; (3) the development of huge armaments and the neglect of the enemy within; (4) the moral degeneracy of the whole society — sexual perversion and homosexuality; and (5) the declension of religious vitality, with formalism supplanting faith and impotence replacing power. Other reasons are as follows: (1) political chaos and distrust of political leaders; (2) a breakdown of justice; (3) a failure to maintain law and order; (4) increasing taxes; and (5) a mass movement from the rural areas to the cities.

The collapse in Rome’s infrastructure plays a large role in its fall. This is something worth thinking about.


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