A Brief Word On Nuclear Families and Divorce

The nuclear family is disappearing. The divorce rate is increasing. More and more children are born out of wedlock. The saddest part of this reality is that many people, even professing Christians, are not really saying or doing anything about it. Here are some statistics and a solution:

The divorce rate is hovering around 50%. The rate at which children are being born out of wedlock in the USA have reached an all-time high of around 40%. Therefore, the traditional family (nuclear family) of one husband + one wife and their children is a passing ideal. Here is the solution:

When husbands love and serve their wives like Christ does the church, the divorce rate would plummet. When wives respect and follow their husbands as the Church does to Christ, divorce rates would plummet. When both of those things happen, children get to grow up in nuclear households (father + mother still married, living and parenting together), which has tremendous benefits (especially for the psyche; children need stability). When kids see dad + mom love Christ and one another then they can truly see how human relationships are designed to function. Which is the goal for relationships: Christ-honoring, respectful, selfless, hardworking relations rooted in unconditional love. Bad news: as a whole, we aren’t that society. Good news: because of Jesus Christ, we could be.


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