I have a deep care for the deaf and hard of hearing community (family members). Derrick Coleman is a fullback in the NFL for the Seattle Seahawks who happens to be deaf. I saw this video earlier and went to YouTube and searched “Derrick Coleman deaf,” and it brought up some interviews with this man, which are great to watch. I am sharing this video because of its inspirational and encouraging nature. Some see deafness and hearing impairment as a disability or challenge. Others, like Coleman and some of my own family members, see it as a gift of God; a gift to be used to reach out to others who deal with the same challenges and to share and rejoice in their victories. Deafness is not a disability; it is an obstacle to be overcome, and Derrick Coleman, along with millions of other DHH folks, are a testimony to that.

Video Credit: Duracell


Derrick Coleman: Trust Your Power

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