A Jealous Jester

Steven Furtick and Elevation Church are making a stir in Christian media.  The recent exposure of emotional manipulation in regards to spontaneous baptisms is disturbing (if one really cares about.. you know, theology… what baptism means, why one gets baptized). Even more disturbing is the extent that the leaders of Elevation Church have taken to ensure that the kids at Elevation Church are, let’s say, ‘following the visionary’ i.e. Steven Furtick by putting “The Code” (Elevation’s rules and practices) in the form of children’s coloring books. This is cultish and very frightening because 1) submission should be to God first and foremost and that also means His Word; 2) we are “united” not under a pastor but in Christ; 3) a question: If Furtick’s vision is “wrong” then would the leaders of Elevation still do what it takes to protect his vision? Many issues with this. Praying the SBC takes action to address some of these practices (though each church in the SBC is autonomous, this church was planted with SBC money and hopefully the convention can rebuke, and influence and assist correction of these practices). See the picture of a page or two in the coloring books. I do not say these things lightly but with much concern for the bride of Christ, the people who are attending (esp. those ignorant of such happenings), and for the repentance of Mr. Furtick.


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