Two Years of Preaching

Two years ago, March 18, 2012, I preached my first sermon. It was an evening service at FBC White Pine. I preached about servanthood and the mind of Christ out of Philippians 2. I was nervous in thinking that God had called me to preach and teach His Word. Humbly, and prayerfully I approached the pulpit and began. 30 minutes later, when I had finished, I remember walking down from the pulpit thinking ‘how could God call me to such a marvelous work?’ It is only by His grace and mercy I’ve been called to minister and I have been preaching since then dozens, and dozens and dozens of times in over a dozen churches (preaching at most of those 12+ churches multiple times), several youth events, JCHS FCA, our local pastors’ conference, etc.

I simply write this as a reflection upon God’s grace in my life. I am amazed at how He uses fallen men, like myself, to proclaim the excellencies of His Word for His glory and the good of others (salvation, edification/sanctification). That evening two years ago, literally changed my life. I am grateful for my pastor, Brian Osborne, who allowed me the privilege and opportunity to preach for the first time (and the many opportunities that have followed) and who continues to be a mentor to me. Also, I am thankful for the encouragement of Daniel, our youth minister, and his friendship. I am thankful for such a loving and gracious church family, and for all the churches and their pastors who have welcomed me into their pulpits to preach and teach the Word.

As I am overcome with joy, I can only but marvel at God’s goodness. Words cannot adequately express my feelings on these past two years. May Christ be glorified and the exaltation of the supremacy of Christ be our aim in our ministries and in our lives.


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