Planned Parenthood President: “Life Begins at Delivery”

A candid statement on the beginning of life was recently made by Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood. Richards was on Fusion TV with host Jorge Ramos. Ramos was asking her about her support for abortion, her work for Planned Parenthood, and then he asked her a question, which he intended for her to answer; He asked her when does she believe “human life begins?” 

This question is one of the most controversial issues in modern-day America, and perhaps, the Western World. How one proceeds to answer the question determines how they answer the abortion question. Richards’ answer is intriguing. She obviously did not want to answer this question though she is no stranger to controversy seeing that she leads one of the central institutions of the “culture of death” in the United States.

(Following is from Albert Mohler’s radio program, The Briefing):

Planned Parenthood was born of the vision of Margaret Sanger, one of the darkest figures of the Twentieth Century; a woman who is committed to the idea of “having more babies from the fit, and less from the unfit.” Sanger was a progenitor and promoter of eugenics, the idea that only the people from the ‘right’ families or ‘right’ races should have children. This is a part of Planned Parenthood’s legacy that they hope most people will not remember.

Cecile Richards, as leader of Planned Parenthood, is leading this culture’s largest promoter and provider of abortion. She is a staunch defender of women’s choice to have an abortion “at any time, for any reason.” She also believes that not only should a woman have the right to have an abortion at any point in the pregnancy without question, she also is on record saying that taxpayer dollars should fund these abortions, as well. Richards supports abortion to the extent that she supports partial-birth abortion, and these things were explained in her interview with Ramos.

Ramos then asks her,

“When does human life begin?”

Richards’ response,

“Its not something I really feel like is really part of this conversation. Every woman needs to make their own decision.”

Her response is an interesting statement, as well as a bizarre evasion of the question. Her non-answer to one of the most fundamental questions of human dignity is shocking enough, but there is more to come. As it turns out Richards does have a belief as to when human life begins.

Ramos, himself, was surprised at her evasion of the question and asked,

“Why would it be controversial for you to say when you think life starts?”

Richards then offered another non-answer,

“I don’t know that it is controversial. I don’t know that it is really relevant to the conversation.”

Does Cecile Richards really not know whether or not the issue of when human life begins is “relevant to the conversation?” Seriously?

At that point, Richards could no longer avoid the question any longer and it is then when she dropped her bombshell:

“For me, I’m the mother of three children. For me, life began when I delivered them. They’ve been probably the most important thing in my life ever since, but that was my own personal decision.

One thing we need to note before exploring her answer is this: this question of when life begins isn’t one that every woman will decide or every human being for that matter. It’s going to be decided in a way that either affirms human dignity or not. It’s not a question that is left to an individual judgment. As a matter of fact, it is a question that can only be fully addressed by those who either say that human dignity attaches to no human being at any point of development, or with equal principle, it attaches to all human beings at every stage of development. Anything in between those are both unsustainable or arbitrary.

Cecile Richards identified her three children as “probably the most important thing in my life” since their delivery. Well, were they nothing at all to her at any point in her womb?

She says that life begins at delivery, an amazingly candid statement. So until a baby is delivered, there is no life, no dignity, no sanctity at all. That defies any moral sense. We also need to note that her line of thinking defies modern biology and medical science (think of the tests and scans that can show heartbeat and movement during fetal development).

Cecile Richards did not try to argue the now infamous trimester argument of Roe v Wade, or a point of viability, or any other argument about fetal development. As her comment makes clear, in her worldview, the fetus simply doesn’t matter at all.

That is one of the saddest, scariest, and most tragic statements anyone can make or see made. Admissions such as this one are rare, but admissions like the one Richards makes explains her advocacy of abortion at any time for any reason.

In her interview the culture of death bears its’ teeth. And as it does so, it makes an amazing concession and admission: the fetus doesn’t matter at all. Until delivery there is no life, dignity nor sanctity.

Her comments explain, like nothing else can, the ardent support of abortion that is a part of Planned Parenthood, and Cecile Richards. We hear her words, and we now understand why.

Here is an article by the Washington Times

As linked earlier, Richards interview with Ramos


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