Obamacare: Campaigns and Hard Sells

Pres. Obama said he didn’t make a hard sell like his critics did against the Affordable Care Act and that he and his staff simply proposed a plan and people decided it was “good.”

This is false.

Magic Johnson? LeBron James? Two members of America’s 1% and they are campaigning for government healthcare? That’s not a hard sell?

Let’s try again.

Promo time on Rachel Ray, Ellen, News reports, Speeches all over country, lectures on ACA to multitudes of young people…

If this isn’t “selling” Obamacare “hard” then I don’t know what is. How much more unbelievable can you get? Such wealthy people trying to sell the average American a government-supplied healthcare plan that they themselves are not under the coverage and care of. That is an unbelievably hard sell.

Also, Pres. Obama said that he and his campaign “didn’t have billions of dollars to spend like our critics did” on advertising Obamacare. Well, that just isn’t true.

So far, they have spent $5 billion: $5,000,000,000.00

Check out this little article and clip from Glenn Beck (Watch “Obamacare PR spending” first — first video at the bottom).





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