From President To… Dictator? The Overuse of Executive Power

At what point does one go from being the president of a democracy to its’ dictator? How many executive orders are allotted before we can begin to claim the latter?

On June 9, 2014 yet another executive order was signed by President Barack Obama regarding student loan repayment plans. Now, I do recall him saying he was going to use more executive power to “push” some policies into law, but I think its getting a bit ridiculous. He needs to put down the pen and do what good presidents do: reach across the aisle.

Even if that is deemed outside the realm of possibility seeing this administration’s lack of concern for bipartisanship, at least have a bill to send through congress. Something. As I asked earlier, at what point does this president begin to be a dictator. He just puts the pen to the paper without regard to either house of congress. Where is the Supreme Court in this? Do they not have the power to hold the executive branch accountable? (here is a link to the SCOTUS’s decision calling Obama’s recess appointments unconstitutional and here is one for a “plain English” explanation.” Good news in that here is some accountability.)

My reason for discontent is not that student loan payment plans should or shouldn’t be addressed, but with how the issue is being brought about. One man signing into legislation his political opinion with no regard to the legislative process i.e. the House and Senate.

Abuse of power?

Also, I believe our President has more important issues to worry about than student loan debt like the IRS scandal, Benghazi, the VA scandal, the ISIS crisis in Iraq, the urgent need for more border patrol support, etc…

I respect President Obama seeing that he holds, arguably, the most important political position in the world, and that comes with tremendous amounts of pressure, but myself, along with millions of other Americans, are just tired of this repeated carelessness and lack of respect for our country’s Constitution and political processes.

Brief reaction is to this story:


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