Immigration Issues: Blind Idealism and Border Patrol Support

Very seldom do I express my views in regards to immigration. Usually my political focus is on economics, Constitutional rights, marriage laws, Christian liberty, political scandal, and historical political movements and people. Hardly ever is it immigration. In fact, immigration isn’t a subject I entertain in public discourse with people who know me. Why? There is no one reason for such silence on immigration so here are a couple: 1) in my opinion, we have bigger issues to worry about, such as economic and education issues, terrorism, and many growing political scandals. 2) I have found that many people are undereducated on the issue of immigration. I’m no scholar on trends and movements but I at least read. 3) I really don’t even talk about the issue in private to my closest friends and family, so I wouldn’t address it publicly then, unless of course there is a scandal or crisis.

I said all of that to say this: our Southern border needs reinforcements. And they need help now.

I am addressing this issue now because, to be truthful, I’m tired of the lack of common sense and/or action by some of the politicians. They have either been lackadaisical in dealing with the issue of border control or they are blind to the realities of our collapsing border, both of which should be grounds for being fired seeing that a crisis on our Southern border greatly affects our country by way of influx of population and inherently in with influx come criminals and therein crime, and economically with the growth of the population and much of that growth unable to pay taxes because they aren’t legal citizens and cannot be held accountable due to such.

Recently I have been reading news stories about how Mexican gang members have been coming across the border at will. We aren’t talking about petty criminals, but hardened thugs, murderers, rapists, and cartels. Let me be clearer: we are talking about known murderers. For example, read this story. Click the links and read the stories found within this article. See the blind idealism of social progressives. Hear the pleas for help by the border control agents. Feel a little bit less secure about your safety.

My issue in part is this: we have money (billions- several online sources say at least $50,000,000,000) to give to other countries, specifically, Middle Eastern countries, primarily to people who burn our flags, and yet we don’t have the money to pay for more reinforcements down at the US-Mexican border nor the room to make any other adjustments.

I am not talking about military spending. I take national security very seriously hence why I am so concerned about the recent immigration control issues. I would like to see soldiers paid more. The fact that politicians have six-figure salaries is laughable given how least productive they seem to be. It’s equally laughable that our troops, on average, make only 20,000 dollars seeing that many of them are risking their lives to protect ours. So keep up the military spending. Cut down on foreign aid and use that money to purchase equipment and staff our borders with well-trained agents.

Then we Americans may feel a bit safer.

People want to reform immigration laws?

Sure. Research and discuss and plan.

Make sure those who come from other countries, not just Mexico but Mexico indeed as in this case, meet the (well-developed and firm) requirements for citizenship and then held accountable to be contributing members to society via paying taxes, and maintaining good legal standing, at least.

We cannot be content with having known cartels and murderers entering the United States and in turn jeopardizing lives of innocent Americans.

As our border is being overrun and is undermanned, if there are any causalities, which one would imagine is an inevitable consequence, the blame falls on the politicians who fought for such progressive immigration laws or who didn’t care enough to actually plan to have our borders adequately monitored and well-staffed. And the blood, if there is any, of innocent Americans will be on the hands of these politicians.

Updated: More reason for border patrol support – news reports are now claiming that our border agents have been fired upon by Mexican law enforcement helicopters, or Mexican military helicopters. Here is an original story, and this is a response by a top official of Mexico.


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