My Take On SCOTUS’ Hobby Lobby Ruling

On Monday, June 30, 2014, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled 5-4 in favor of Hobby Lobby, Mardel and Conestoga Wood. It is a landmark ruling that stated the US government could not force “closely held” private corporations to violate their religious consciences and pay for and provide certain kinds of contraception, which could possibly be abortifacients.

This ruling is regarded to be a huge win for religious liberty. Many political liberals, obviously including the White House, are saying that the Supreme Court has ruled against “women’s rights” for the sake of religious liberty, which is a false dichotomy considering that the case had nothing to do with the “rights” of women.

The case had everything to do with the rights and liberties of privately-owned companies and the pressure coming from our extremely intrusive government on these companies.

I will spare the details for this post and focus on a few points people, particularly liberals who are upset at the ruling, are forgetting.

For the best and most balanced view of this case, and a comprehensive look at the details check out this article published by The Atlantic. Albert Mohler, President of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, has also posted an insightful Christian take on the case.

The issues in the aftermath I’m concerned with:

1) Neither Hobby Lobby, Mardel, nor Conestoga Wood are prohibiting their employees from purchasing the 4 out of 20 drugs they protested to provide. If you read The Atlantic’s article, mentioned above, you will see that these companies still are providing 16 of the 20 drugs mandated under the Affordable Care Act, Obamacare. These companies simply stated they will not pay for these drugs. They are not denying their employees from accessing the drugs and using them. This is a huge difference. If a woman wants to use one of the 4 that their boss, assuming its Hobby Lobby, Mardel, or Conestoga Wood, will not pay for, they can purchase them on their own. It should not be your bosses responsibility nor the United States’ government’s to provide you methods of safe sex. It’s not your bosses’ business to tell you what kinds of contraception you can use, and it’s also not your business to tell your boss what kinds of healthcare they should provide. You can purchase healthcare outside of work. In fact, in some cases, and I suspect it will be eventual in this one, the US government picks up, as an alternative option, those who wish to have Obamacare but whose employers do not provide the “full” package.

2) If you are a woman, or a man for that matter, that works for either of these companies that will be affected by the ruling, and don’t like it, read carefully, find another job, Look elsewhere for employment. Go to McDonald’s, or work as a paralegal or join the military, or work for Apple. Do something else. It is disturbing, and makes one question the future of the nation, that so many people feel entitled to benefits. This is evident by the outrageous number of people on welfare in America. If you disagree with your bosses’ philosophy, find another boss. However, after this case, the owners of Hobby Lobby, seeing that they do not have to pay for these drugs in their insurance plan, the minimum wage for full-time Hobby Lobby employees is going up from $9 to $14 per hour…. In other words, you can save that $5 per hour and buy your own contraception. I digress. The point is you do not have to work for Hobby Lobby if you feel like they aren’t providing you the healthcare you “deserve.” 

3) I know this will be a shocker for many folks, the Constitution provides liberty for reasons of religion. Healthcare coverage is not a constitutional mandate. The government’s job, as evidenced by the SCOTUS, thankfully, is not to mandate national-wide comprehensive healthcare, though the Obama administration saw it fit to do so. The SCOTUS is to rule based on the Constitution, and to uphold it’s tenets. Religious liberty is a crucial staple in our free society. Government-mandated, employer-purchased contraception is not.

4) I just want to note that I am shocked at how Christians are responding to this ruling. Those of the liberal persuasion are pretty upset. How ironic. This should have been no shocker, but I am shocked nonetheless.

5) Act like grownups. One ruling that affects companies with 5 owners or less gets a favorable toss and liberals lose their minds. Read the effects of the ruling. Grow up. If you want to talk about these issues then talk about them, but do so in an intelligent manner. Throwing hissy fits and threatening to perform crude acts in public is childish. No wonder people scoff at some liberal propaganda; it’s how the liberals present their views. Believe I am being too harsh? How about this story where a BOARD MEMBER for a prominent pro-choice organization tells her 66,000 twitter followers, “Maybe women should organize a safe-sex f***-in at every Hobby Lobby across the country. In the glitter aisle. JUST A THOUGHT“. So it’s come to protesting the SCOTUS’ ruling by having sex in Hobby Lobby stores. Really.


It gets better. The article in which that quote is found also quotes the same board member saying that teen protesters should “roll” Hobby Lobby. However, it isn’t what you think. She doesn’t want to roll Hobby Lobby with toilet paper. No. She wants people to “TP Hobby Lobby with condoms..” Condoms. She wants to protest with sex in the store and vandalizing the store with condoms.

Congratulations Liberals. With these ideas, you will really prove your point, and perhaps your ignorance and intolerance for any other view than your own.

In conclusion, stop making this about women’s rights. It really isn’t. It’s about a government forcing, in an authoritarian manner, people and their businesses to act in such a way that clearly violates their sincerely held religious convictions. Unless you are Mao’s China, Stalin’s USSR, Hitler’s Germany, you cannot simply disregard the “other” side, in this case, the conservative and religious. Also, you have options with regard to healthcare, explore them. While you are at it, learn about the Constitution and law in your exploration. AND learn not to be so polemical. The ad hominem attacks are pathetic, and distasteful. You only incite fury amongst your own and it leads further away from productive discussion and debate.

As for myself, a Christian, I am thankful for the ruling. I am glad that the SCOTUS ruled in favor of religious liberty and in doing so said, there are certain boundaries that our government cannot cross. They do not have the power to invade the lives of citizens and their corporations at will. There are checks and balances. The laws of the United States of America protects religious freedom, which makes America a unique place in our world.



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