Bill Cosby and the Osteens

Victoria Osteen’s disturbing words in this video are unbiblical and grossly misrepresent the character of God and His divine purposes. Such false teaching is deceptive and can lead to the condemnation of souls, which is why James warns us that not everyone should be teachers seeing that there is a stricter judgment (James 3:1). Judgment for false teaching is hardcore because false teaching is damning.

Jared Wilson said, “An obvious problem with Osteenism is that it only makes sense in the developed, consumeristic West. It could not translate to 3rd world. Contrast Osteen’s prosperity gospel with actual Christianity, which is coherent, when translated, in every culture.”

As seen here, Victoria Osteen deceives 50,000 people, keeping them from the true gospel of Christ: repentance, faith, newness of life, and the kingdom of God.


Here is the video and Bill Cosby’s response, one which I agree.


5 thoughts on “Bill Cosby and the Osteens

  1. Although that really is the dumbest thing I ever heard, that response from Bill Cosby is just an clip from one of his old shows. It certainly would have been a fitting response tho.

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