A Busy 2015

Hello all.

First, let me start by saying that I appreciate you all as readers, thinkers, and bloggers. You have been patient with me and my blog as I have been unable to post fresh content on a more regular basis (which, of course, I wish I could do). This past semester has been unbelievably busy at the church I serve on staff at, in my academic life (12 seminary hours from January to May), and in my personal life.

Though the former two take up a lot of my time, the latter, the personal, has been the reason for my minimal activity…

For the sake of brevity, I married my girlfriend of 5 1/2 years on May 23! Since October, we have been planning, organizing, and attending to many things that go along with wedding planning.

It has been a busy, and even more so exciting time!

In addition to with having said that…

I opted not to take a summer class for various reasons, which allows me to have much more free time to read and write. This means I should be posting more content on this blog through the summer.

Again, thanks for being great! I appreciate you guys for being patient and understanding.


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