Behind the Scenes of an Atrocity [With Updates]

Today (July 14, 2015) a news article came out that discussed Planned Parenthood’s practice of selling body parts of aborted babies. In fact, a video of the leading doctor of Planned Parenthood saying such has been shared. This is the link to the story and video. (Another recommended article for reading is Russell Moore’s post at the ERLC blog found here).

Let’s just be honest. This news is almost unbelievable. 

It is horrifying to hear of such news and even more horrifying that the media has been largely silent about this issue. There have been no headlines, no links on Twitter or Facebook (thought it is trending on Twitter). Its been crickets from most major news networks.

And you may ask: “Why talk about this? Why are you addressing this?”

Recently I read Proverbs 31:8-9, which says:

Speak for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy.

As a Christian, believing all people are made in the image of God, I am called to “speak for those who cannot speak for themselves,” and it in this case it is the living, human baby that is without defense. The mass murder of children is the largest systematic genocide of any people in the world — and abortion is the means by which that genocide occurs, and Planned Parenthood is the largest facilitator.

* Not to mention that they receive over $540 million in taxpayer dollars every year *

Someone on Twitter said, “If the NRA was caught shooting babies and selling their organs, imagine the media coverage. Compare that to today’s coverage of Planned Parenthood.”

Such is the media bias.

Also, along the lines of Planned Parenthood and the recent controversy of the Confederate flag, Douglas Wilson (pastor, author) said,

Since we are in a big time purge of our racial past, let’s do Planned Parenthood next.

Attached to that tweet was this link — a link to a story at The Washington Times, a story that discusses the racist ideology and history of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger. In the article, the author says that Planned Parenthood is responsible for more deaths of African-Americans than all other past and present symbols of racism combined.

[Note: given the recent controversy about the confederate flag I must say that I do not have personal ties to it nor does it matter to me if it is removed from public display at government buildings. My position is this: as a Christian, if it offends my black brothers and sisters, then take it down, and if it is a stumbling block – a hindrance – to people who aren’t followers of Jesus from hearing the good news of Jesus Christ, take it down. My allegiance is not to a flag or a political ideology, but to Jesus. It doesn’t offend me or send me into an uproar to remove the flag from display].

Sanger and Planned Parenthood targeted low-income neighborhoods with high minority populations. It is estimated that around 1800 black babies are murdered a week. Over 1,000,000 babies in this country alone are killed a year (58,000,000 babies in the U.S. since Roe v. Wade). To help put this in perspective numerically, 25% of our population has been aborted since 1973. Many of those babies would have grown up to be doctors, school teachers, small business owners, clergymen, advocates for social justice. They are all made in the image of God. And to allow abortion is to strip all those who come into the clinics to be terminated of their fundamental rights.

No matter where you are on the political spectrum — politically progressive, conservative, or somewhere in between — all Americans believe in the values of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Of course, how those terms are defined vary depending upon one’s political persuasion. It is really interesting that progressives value “equal” rights and “women’s rights,” and yet it is estimated that 52% of babies aborted are female. There is no “equality” for women in murder, nor for males. When you rob an individual of life, then consequently, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are meaningless. (After all, you have to be living in order to enjoy the freedoms of liberty and the pursuit of happiness). Genocide is done under the banner of “rights” and “equality.”

Pro-life advocates have been speaking out against the evils of Planned Parenthood and abortion for years. And this article takes us down the rabbit hole of abortion even further — body parts of murdered babies are being sold for profit. Can you imagine the outrage if Nazis were caught selling the body parts of the Jewish people they murdered to the highest bidder? Really? Can you? Dr. Deborah Nucatola, the doctor on video, said the head and liver are the most sought after parts, and brings the highest price.

This is morally abhorrent, and deserving of moral condemnation.

We live in a culture where outrage and public shaming is popular. People in a tribe (progressive, conservative, etc) hear stories of people and events outside their tribe doing/hosting/saying things that don’t align with their values and they are upset. To make it worse, these “outrageous” / “you won’t believe this” kind of stories are usually shared by people with a bias. A conservative is given news about a progressive politician, by a conservative writing with a staunch conservative bias, and there is outrage — the intended effect. The same goes for progressives hearing about news in conservative circles, outrage. Media has a bias of some sort. But this? The abortion of babies and selling their body parts… this is truly outrageous, no matter the bias.

I don’t want to mix words so I’m going to say this carefully and clearly:

Planned Parenthood must be shut down.

And whatever petitions we have to sign, whatever letters we must write to our local, state, and national representatives, whatever phone calls we must make, whatever marches we must march in, whatever services we must provide (prenatal care; adoption services), we must act, and do so with love — real love — life-saving, sacrificial love. The kind of love that compels you to go the extra mile, and sacrifice self for the good of others. A kind of radical love that is foreign to this world because it is an “other world-ly” kind of love. A love, in its fullness, is seen as an act of dying on a cross. A love like Jesus’ — a total sacrifice of one’s self for the sake of another.

The intent is not to demonize those who have had, or who are wrestling with having an abortion. The church must serve them. The church should be a place of refuge for those battered and confused by the ways of the world.

This will mean the Church, as a whole, will need to take in the single mothers who they meet at the doors of these clinics, and provide them medical care (pay their medical bills, buy their prenatal vitamins). It will mean that the Church will need to find adoption services for those women who are not able or cannot take adequate care of their child, if that is the mother’s wish. In some cases, hopefully in many, this means that a family in a church will themselves adopt that child. In all cases, the Church should share the counter-cultural news of forgiveness and radical grace available through Jesus.

Social justice is not the gospel, but it is an implication of the gospel, and it isn’t a role we, as believers, should expect the government to take on, rather it is for the Church — you and I — to get involved in. Historically, Christians saved babies left to die in the Roman Empire — who were left out to be “exposed” on the streets. Christians ended the gladiatorial games in Rome (St.Telemachus). Instead of running, Pastors, many of whom who died, stayed and treated the sick and buried the dead when the Black Plague swept through Europe. Christians fought the slave trade in the 18th and 19th centuries. Christians began the “Benevolent Empire” — hospitals, schools, poorhouses, and orphanages, and did so at tremendous cost.

This isn’t just a moral or generally religious issue, this is a gospel issue.

We are the city on a hill, the light of the world (Matt. 5:13-16). We must be a voice for the unborn, defenders of the sanctity of life, an advocate for the disabled, a champion for the poor and weak.

We, ourselves, are weak, and God has shown much grace and compassion to us, and it is with grace and compassion we act. And we must act now.

[UPDATE: (7.21.15) A second video regarding Planned Parenthood’s sale of aborted babies’ organs has hit the web. And this time the “buyer” is negotiating for “intact specimens,” or in other words, the whole baby. As this story develops, I grow in my resolve to speak up for the voiceless and defenseless. I stand even more resolutely by my words here.]

[UPDATE: (7.30.15) A third video has come out regarding Planned Parenthood‘s sale of aborted babies, and in this one the doctors exclaim, “it’s a boy!” but its not a celebratory exclamation of an overjoyed parent, rather with profit in mind as they dismember his body. It is graphic.]


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