Update: November 2015

Hey friends, I have found some time to breathe and I wanted to take this time to write to you an update about where I am and the state of this blog.

First, I want to say THANK YOU for your faithful following of this blog. I appreciate each and every one of you, and how the blog continues to be shared and read by many.

Second, I know that it has been several months since I have posted any new content, but that doesn’t mean that I have not written any or have forgotten about the blog altogether.

The truth is I have written some posts, but have yet to share them because I have not found time to edit them.

This semester has been hectic as I have begun taking Hebrew at SBTS, and needless to say, learning an ancient language is time-consuming. On top of Hebrew I am taking a full semester of classes at Southern (SBTS), and it has kept me extremely busy. (And next semester consists of more Hebrew, more Old Testament studies, and biblical counseling).

Also, personally, six months into marriage with my wonderful wife, and in my service at Leadvale Church, all things are going well!

So here is what I desire to do moving forward with this blog is to start posting articles again, perhaps one or two a week (this is due to time constraints, not because of lack of desire). These posts will be (long or short, probably short to medium) thoughts and insights that I have relating to cultural issues, a  theological subject, and ministerial issues. I will try to post insightful quotes, or videos.

It will be a slow re-entry into regular writing and posting, given my extended absence, but I hope to begin to share with you all again soon… probably after Thanksgiving, of course.



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