Iceland’s Dilemma: Assumed Faith

Recent studies are showing that most people 25 and younger in Iceland are not Christians, and by “most,” the article says 0.0%. This is a shocking figure. I first heard of this article by an Iceland native through social media. The man who shared this is a believer, and says that the reason for this rapid free fall of those who identify with Christianity is largely due to the increasing amount of people who assume their Christianity, and have passed those (unsafe) assumptions on to their children. In other words, Christianity is not being taught, shared, or really lived out. It is merely being assumed, and as this article shows, assumption leads to a “dead” faith. Not “dead” as in the Church is dying. There are many reports to counter that claim, but dead in the sense that there was no faith at all.

Let’s not assume nor presume on our families, friends, and co-workers. Instead, let us be bold – like lions [Prov. 28:1] – and live out and share the goodness and love of Christ.

Article mentioned here.



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