A Salvation So Full and Complete

The Bible teaches a total redemption, not just some event that is happening in the future, as some would have you believe. God’s redemptive work through Jesus’ work on the cross and in His resurrection affects the whole person – every aspect of that person, and that person’s past, present and future.

Dear Believer, let this reminder be an encouragement of what we have in Christ. It is a total, comprehensive redemption:

Your past: All that you have done, Christ has expunged it from your record because of what He has done for you. He has cleared your ledger and takes it upon His own. God remembers your sin no more. He has casted it as far as the east is from the west.

Your present: In the “right now,” God the Holy Spirit is dwelling within you, working to transform you into the image of the Son. This transformed life is done by the grace of God working in your life to produce joy, peace, love patience, kindness, forgiveness, grace, and mercy. As you follow Christ, you are not perfect, but you are forgiven and God extends grace to you for when you stumble and fail. This life is a journey, and there will be times of blessing and times of suffering, but God is with you, and is for you because of your covenant union with Christ.

Your future: There is no condemnation, for Jesus took your judgment and shame in your place upon the cross, and when you repented and placed your trust in Him, that judgment and shame was totally removed. You will spend all eternity in the loving presence of God where joy will never end and the glory of God will be the song of your heart.



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