Update October 2016

Hello all!

It’s been a little while since I’ve been able to post anything. I have written several things to share but have yet to find time to edit and publish them. I want to quickly give an update on what’s going on and what the Lord is doing in my life.

First, I am deep into another semester at Southern Seminary. Thankfully, after this semester, I will only need 7 classes before graduating with an M.Div. (which is exciting). The online program at SBTS has changed some to allow for more classes to be taken in a semester (which can be a good thing). So instead of 3 16-week courses, the online program allows for 4 8-week courses. You take 2 classes for 8 weeks then you get a 1 week break then you take 2 more classes for 8 weeks to round out the semester. I did this at Liberty University, so I am familiar with the faster course pace; and believe me, cramming 16 weeks of material into 8 definitely increases the pace and workload, which is why my activity here has slowed significantly. I hope to be done with classes either by the end of the summer of 2017 or early fall of 2017 (graduating in December of 2017). The schedule from here on out looks favorable. That’s what is going on in school: lots of lectures, reading, tests crammed into 8 week sections.

Second, I have recently accepted an associate pastor position at Crossroads Community Church in Newport. Two Sunday’s ago I made the announcement of my acceptance of this position and announced my resignation. It’s been a bittersweet ordeal. The student ministry I have led for the last 2.5 years has grown leaps and bounds. Nothing there was going wrong, which is what made the decision difficult. Many students, parents and other members are sad to see us go. The students’ responses made this even more difficult because as they wept, we wept. However, after much prayer and counsel, the decision to accept the call to be the associate pastor of CCC was clear. The Lord, in his timing, was opening this door. My wife and I are excited, and a bit nervous. It’s a town I am vaguely familiar with, so it will still be pretty new. Style-wise and structure-wise its a very different church than any I’ve been in. Again, a little nervous, but very excited. I am certain that the Lord is calling my to preach and be a senior pastor one day, and this next chapter in my life is one where I hope to grow in being a pastor and in preaching. Actually, I will request your prayers. I am preaching for 7 consecutive Sunday’s when I arrive at CCC on November 6 (there are 3 morning services each week). This has been the biggest change since I last posted anything on here. I hope to update more as we transition and begin to minister at CCC.

Third, in light of the events above, I am being ordained this upcoming Sunday at Leadvale. It is my last Sunday there. I will be preaching in the morning, and ordained in the evening. I am hoping all will go well.

Fourth, personally everything is going well. Marriage is going well. Family relations and situations are going well. I’ve already mentioned the school situation. My walk with the Lord is steady. In what very little free time I have, I am listening and learning much about discipleship from guys like Jeff Vanderstelt and Robby Gallaty via YouTube videos and podcasts.

In sum, everything is going well. I am extremely busy, but managed to carve out some time in the midst of watching some lectures to write this. I am praying all is well for you too.





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