To claim to be tolerant/accepting of “all views,” politically or philosophically, except for views that disagree with yours is the epitome of hypocrisy. It says, “I’m tolerant of your view unless you disagree with me.” This kind of “Tolerance,” with no room for disagreement, is actually demanding uniformity, without question or discussion. It’s just as exclusive as the views the “tolerant” dismiss; it’s just hidden underneath fancy rhetoric and logical fallacies. Every worldview, to some extent, is an exclusive worldview (in that there are affirmations and denials of certain principles). The real issue of living in a diverse society is to ask and answer the question, how do we engage and dialogue one another with respect, even if we disagree? (and there is always someone who disagrees with you).

As we live in a diverse society where there are so many worldviews that are different from one another, understanding the true nature of worldviews will be key as we engage with others.



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