A (Modest) Goal For 2017

We are entering into the time of year in which most everyone is making resolutions and goals for the new year. Many will be resolving to get fit, eat healthier, make more time for family, etc. Though I myself have set goals in the past (and failed to reach them), which is why I even hesitate to write this… I will set one particular goal for 2017.image Apart from seeking to grow in the knowledge and grace of Jesus, be a more Christ-like and gracious husband, and graduate from seminary in December, I am resolving to read the Bible every day with the intention of journaling through the Bible with the goal of tweeting my thoughts and reflections on my daily reading.

I do read the Bible as a part of my daily walk with Christ, but I hope in adding this element to my time in the Word it will serve to help me think more carefully and critically about God’s Word and truths revealed in it. My prayer for this exercise is that it stirs my affections for Jesus and creates an awe and wonder for how marvelous our God is. Also, I hope it will benefit to others.

It doesn’t seem like a lofty goal, but it could be a soul-shaping, life-giving exercise.

Whatever your goals may be for 2017, may the grace of God strengthen and sustain you, and when you fail (and you will), may God’s comforting presence and redeeming grace be a felt reality in your life.

Let us resolve in 2017 to grow deeper and worship more fully our Savior and King, Jesus.



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