Saturday: The Day of Silence

Here is what went on during the full, and seemingly forgotten day after the crucifixion of Jesus: tombstone

(1) Read Matthew 27:62-66 (very little is mentioned in the Bible about the events on this Saturday).

(2) The tomb is secured in fear that the disciples would steal Jesus’ body and falsely promote a bodily resurrection. The Roman seal, if broken, meant defying Roman authority, and was punishable by death. Roman soldiers were stationed at the tomb to add another measure of security. This means that the chief priests were well aware of Jesus’ prophecy of rising on the third day.

(3) Saturday is the only full day Jesus is in the tomb.

(4) Days were counted from sundown to sundown, which means Jesus was in the tomb 3 days. He was crucified on Friday then placed in a tomb (day 1). That subsequent Sundown would begin a new day — Saturday (day 2). Saturday ends the next sundown, and Sunday begins (day 3). Jesus arose that Sunday morning. 

(5) During this full day, the chief priests thought they had done it – they’ve ended this blasphemous self-proclaimed Messiah. They can now return to being “the authority” in their culture and among their people. No more fawning over this “Messianic imposter.”

(6) During this full day, the Romans thought they had done it – they have satisfied the rowdy Jewish people and avoided public unrest. “Back to normal,” they thought. “Business as usual” was the goal.

(7) During this full day, the disciples and the rest of Jesus’ followers are in hiding. Their worst fear seems to have come true: their Leader – the one for whom they gave up their jobs, families, and social status’ for – is dead. They’ve risked everything for Jesus. They ask now, “Could it be over? Was all of this for nothing?” That was the fear.

(8) During this full day where Jesus laid in a grave, the devil, all of hell, and death itself thought they had defeated the only One who could defeat them. They thought they were victorious. Their hope was: Death will reign. Evil. Has. Won.

One day has passed. Heaven is silent.

Day 2 comes and goes. “It must really be over. Maybe it’s time to just move on.”

Little did everyone know…  Sunday is coming…


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